About Me

Let me introduce myself.

I am Barbara Dutcher, creator of The Guide Within website.

The site is dedicated to your spiritual growth.

If you are following a spiritual path, you can find resources here to enrich your experience.

I have been a spiritual seeker all my life. Many times it seemed that I ‘marched to different drummer’. I read and studied, meditated and prayed. I made a lot of progress. But there was lots more to come!

I have also always been a teacher. As teenager, I taught swimming, and then became an English teacher for middle school and high school. I earned a Master’s Degree in Education. Along the way I taught computer applications to adults and children, and branched out into journalism-type jobs as well as administrative-type jobs. My main areas of focus were teaching and writing.

I am a tropical lady, although I didn’t grow up in the sunny tropics. However, I did move to Jamaica in the 1970’s for two years, and eventually returned in the 1990’s for six more. In between, and afterwards, I have made Florida my home.

I recently discovered a lovely little neighborhood in Central Florida and now I live on a beautiful little spring-fed lake near the remnants of a picturesque old shrine.

Legend has it that a French Canadian man and his son camped here a hundred or so years ago, and the son was very ill. The little son went swimming in the lake and was healed. His father, being a devotee of St. Anne, dedicated a shrine to her and a church once stood here on the shores of the lake.

What a blessing it is for me to be in this place!

Truly special and ultra-charming.

(The view isn’t bad, either!)

In 2005 I attended a workshop that would change my life. I learned a method to hear God’s voice as a conversational voice inside. I eventually became a teacher of the method I learned that day, and I earned a Certified Spiritual Counselor designation.

From then on, my life had a new direction. I began holding workshops and tele-classes of my own, teaching people to hear the voice of Spirit. This is a life-changing skill that can easily be taught.

Being able to stay in touch with one's inner, higher guidance is a life-changer and a life-saver. I hope you cultivate this for yourself!

[This is my third re-invention of my website, a feat I am accomplishing thanks to a wonderful system I discovered (Site Build It). You can click on the little banner near the bottom of this page to find out more about that, or contact me and I will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.]

I have put together a book of messages I received over the past few years. Its name is When I Listened: Spirit Answers Life’s Frequently Asked Questions. It’s a book that you dip into for inspiration, comfort and wisdom. It is appropriate for people of any religion, or no religion at all.

My life now is about helping others to realize their spiritual goals. I have an ongoing series of classes, and I’m constantly developing new methods, techniques and products.

I am an avid gardener, and love growing food and flowers.

The times we are living in are truly exciting, stimulating and full of promise. I am here to fulfill my own promise, and to help you fulfill yours. Please contact me with your questions, concerns or comments. I would love to hear from you!

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"There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple…”

The Dalai Lama