Meditation Chairs

A meditation chair made of beautiful natural materials is a wonderful foundation for your meditation room design

Choosing the best chair for your decor is a fun part of creating a meditation room.

Your sacred space is created from all your unique meditation supplies.  Your seating - whether a chair, pillow or mat - is central to your comfort.  You want to be very comfortable so that you can sit in silence for an extended period of time.

You also want to choose a seat that provides proper support for your back and hips. It needs to be wide enough that you can sit cross-legged comfortably. And it should be of high quality, so that it will last for years.

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Here are three choices to consider for seating for your meditation room. They are all made from natural, sustainable sources and provide a lovely foundation piece for your meditation room decor.

Rattan Meditation Chair

Natural materials such as renewable woods, reeds, grasses and rattan are traditionally used for fine meditation seating.

The cushions are also made of natural materials like cotton. 

The beauty of the materials and the careful workmanship of a well-made seat are wonderful additions to your sacred space.

A rattan seat such as this one is not only very beautiful, it is also very comfortable.

This item has received very good reviews from users, and is strong enough to last a long time.

You will enjoy many years practicing your meditation techniques with this graceful piece in your meditation room décor.

Excellent craftsmanship and beautiful lines make this rattan seat a popular choice.

Click HERE to read more about the rattan meditation chair.

Raja Chair

The raja is beautifully crafted from mango wood. This is sustainable wood and is taken from the fruit-bearing mango trees.

It has hand-carved legs with a lotus pattern, and the seat is woven from banana leaves. 

The cushion is filled with kapok, a natural, cotton-like fiber from the Asian kapok tree.

This gorgeous seating will create a beautiful meditation room design and it will give you many years of comfortable use.

Click HERE to read more about the Raja chair.

Mango Wood and Seagrass Chair

This beautiful piece is also made from mango wood, but in this one, it is complemented with woven seagrass.

The natural materials in this chair are grown sustainably, and will provide a wonderful ambiance for your meditation room design.

Comfort and beauty are features of this well-made piece. Its simple, elegant design will complement your meditation room decor and provide years of enjoyment.

Click HERE to read more about the mango wood chair.

Are these not what you are looking for?

No problem.

There are lots more to choose from in the Meditation Supply Store.

When you are creating your meditation room design and collecting the items you want to include, don't forget the most important one -
a beautiful, natural meditation chair.

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"There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple…”

The Dalai Lama

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