Signs from God

Signs from God – what are they? Are they real?
How can you ask for and receive signs?

People often use the expression “it’s a sign” – sometimes jokingly. They do this when they notice something that seems to be sending them a message. It might be considered a good sign or a bad sign.

Here’s an example: you had minor accident with the family car and you’re hoping your husband won’t be too angry. Then when you see him, he has a huge frown on his face. “Not a good sign,” you think to yourself.

  • Do you want to ask God for help with a decision?
  • Maybe you want advice about your spiritual growth, or to know God’s will for you in a certain situation?
  • Do you need hints on how to ask for a sign from God?

Do you need to interpret the meaning
of a sign you noticed?

Asking for and receiving signs is an ancient practice.
There is nothing superstitious about it.
Of course God will honor your request for a sign.
In fact, just about anything at all can be a sign from God.

Learn more with an downloadable audio lesson:
 "Asking for Signs"

The Sign of the Fleece

In the Old Testament of the Bible, there is the famous story of the fleece. A man named Gideon had received instructions from God, or so he thought. But, he wasn't sure. So, he invented a sign as a way for God to confirm His instructions.

Gideon laid a sheep’s fleece on the ground and asked God to make the fleece wet in the morning, while the surrounding ground stayed dry. In the morning, Gideon found the fleece wet and the ground dry.

But, he still wasn't sure, and so he laid out another fleece for a sign, and asked that this time, it should stay dry, while the surrounding ground became wet during the night. Sure enough, in the morning Gideon found that it was true.

In this story Gideon asked for a second sign because he didn’t believe the first one.
He was not confident that he was able to know God’s will.

You may find yourself in a similar situation. You may have a feeling that you know the best decision for a certain choice you have to make.

Or, you may have gotten yourself confused about an emotional situation.

In life situations like these, it is very easy to ask for a sign from God to point you in the best direction.

Here are 10 things to know about asking for signs from God.

Ask God for Help

Don’t hesitate to ask God for help. The secret is to trust the information that comes. Gideon did not trust, so he asked again. And God graciously provided another sign for him.

You can use the practice of asking for signs to advance your spiritual growth.

Ask for direction for your life path, your relationships, your career or anything that you have a question about. Ask to know God's will in a situation.

Some people like to ask for a message to come in a dream. This is another easy and reliable way to get a sign of divine guidance.

If you think you have received a sign,

but need to know for sure,

my audio lesson can help. 

Learn to Get Signs from God





There is a simple, reliable way to learn how to ask for and notice signs from God. 

Here is an 18-minute recorded lesson that explains how to ask for signs and how to notice the answers. Listen as often as you wish.

You also receive an accompanying worksheet to help you notice and ask for signs from God, and, most importantly - interpret what you receive. Print it out so you can use it to write about your experiences.

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It's easy. After payment, you'll first be directed to a web page to fill in your name and email address.  **A confirmation email will be sent - be sure to watch for it. Then you'll simply download the mp3 file to listen to, and the worksheet pdf file to print out.

I think you'll have lots of fun practicing this method. I would love to hear about your experiences receiving signs from God.

"Asking for Signs" Audio Lesson

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