Spiritual Growth Plan

What’s the best spiritual growth plan to fit your life now – and create the life you want?

Are you ready to make a commitment to self-empowerment, and plan your steps to spiritual growth? 

Self Empowerment Intention

As with the achievement of almost any goal in your life, your spiritual growth will be easier if you form clear intentions before your begin.

There is no commitment you can make in life that is more important than your commitment to yourself – to become all that you are able to be and all that you desire to be.

You may feel a compelling urge to accomplish something that you can’t quite name or describe. You may feel that there is something wonderful you are meant to do, and you may long to start doing it -whatever it is!

Having a spiritual growth plan will help you find out what those deep urges mean, and also what it is you are searching for that may feel like it's just out of your grasp. You will learn to recognize God's will in your life.

Of course, having material goals or career goals or personal goals is also wonderful. But it is your spiritual goals that will bring you deep joy and true fulfillment.

Steps to Spiritual Growth

The best spiritual growth plan will include all or most of these:

  • Reading scriptures and books on spiritual topics you are drawn to
  • Journaling your feelings, thoughts, questions and answers
  • A commitment to regular contemplation and/or meditation techniques
  • Recognizing your patterns of behavior, and choosing which ones to let go
  • Working with a spiritual life coach who will encourage and guide you
  • Attending live workshops, lectures or meetings – or classes via webinar or tele-conference
  • Practicing the art of prayer, listening to your intuition and using other ways to receive inner guidance

Use a goal-setting form to plan your steps to spiritual growth.

You may already feel drawn to certain teachers or authors in the self-empowerment field. If so – pursue these urges.

Many free resources are available – your local library has books, cd’s and references, and the internet has lots of information as well.

Spiritual Meditation

Make a commitment to yourself to begin meditation if you do not already practice that. There are many different meditation techniques you can choose from. Commit to a quiet time each day for prayer, contemplation and divine connection.

You may have to arise early - or stay up late – but the time you spend on your spiritual growth plan will be time well spent.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities for classes, lectures and workshops. The ones you feel drawn to are the ones to pursue.

The fact that you have made a commitment to a spiritual growth plan opens a door for a flood of information and inspiration to flow to you.

Spiritual Journaling

Write in a special journal – use it during your quiet time. Write down your musings, your questions, your revelations.

Use spiritual journaling prompts to bring out your inner knowing. Trust what you receive and write it down. Reread what you have written from time to time.

Ask for signs from God and watch for them. You can practice taking dictation from God using my audio lesson.

Write down the commitments you are making to yourself. Make them doable, but a stretch – don’t set the bar so high that you are doomed to failure, or so low that you don't have to challenge yourself.

Commit; then follow through. Keep your promises to yourself. The more you grow, the more you will want to grow.

All along, be gentle with yourself, love and affirm yourself.

Devise a spiritual growth plan that keeps evolving it as you evolve.
Let me know how I can serve you on your spiritual path.

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