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Welcome to The Guide Within

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30 Minute Remote Reiki Session


60 Minute Remote Reiki Session


Water Connection Call

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My Mission

The Guide Within represents the place within yourself which is connected to your higher self, source, universal intelligence, God, a higher power, whatever you prefer to call it. It is a feeling, an energy. It's peaceful and abundant. Wise and connected. Powerful and all loving. The Guide Within is in you. My mission is to help you tap into it and all that it is. To remind you that you chose to come here for a reason and the experiences that you have had thus far happened in order to bring you right here, right now. To remind you of the endless possibilities that this beautiful life has to offer.

Tapping into your guide within will change your life, and I am here to assist you in becoming all that you are. I offer you to come and explore the possibilities with me!

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Discounts & Bundles

New Client Discount: 20% off first regular priced session

Special Student Discount: 50% off any session! Just show me your current, valid student ID.

Bundle and save: Suggested use - one session every week or every other week. Consistency is key to integration!

2 sessions 10% off total price

3 sessions 15% off total price

4 sessions 20% off total price


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