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Hello! My name is Annmarie, but you can call me Annie. I am highly interested in the natural powers within each human to guide themselves into health, balance, joy, and abundance. Outside of yoga and energy work I have a passion for things like permaculture, music and dance, writing/journaling, and traveling.

How did my journey start? Like a lot of people, I experienced the struggles of mental illness from a young age. I started practicing yoga on occasion in high school, but more regularly once I went to college. However, in college I started struggling with substance abuse. I battled with addiction for a few years, but yoga was always there to support me. Once I started getting sober I learned a lot about spirituality and what that means to me. I created spiritual practices that worked hand in hand with my yoga practice to create a solid foundation for my life. In 2018 I went back to school and did a psychotherapy internship, which is where I was introduced to energy work. This internship opened me up to the possibility of using the tools within yoga, spiritual practices, and energy work to help others.

Today I am Reiki II certified and will be a 200hr Kripalu RYT by the end of october. I am happy, healthy, and living the life of my dreams. The transformation I have seen within my own life is what inspires me to share all that I have learned over the years. I want to share the tools that I have collected through my personal work with yoga, energy work, spirituality, and studying psychology. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that everything I need is already within me...and the same goes for every human being out there. My job is to help you tap into that, tap into your guide within.

Hello! My name is Annmarie, but you can call me Annie. I am an Earth Angel + Faerie called to be an agent of healing and awakening on this planet. You could say I am an Earth Guide or Spiritual Guide. I feel my greater purpose on Earth is to help people along their individualistic journeys, guiding them to their highest, organic selves. I plan to fulfill this purpose by continuously following my passions. I am highly interested in the natural powers within each human to guide themselves into health, balance, joy, and abundance.  I have a passion for things like permaculture, nature (water, flowers, butterflies, trees, etc.), music and dance, movement, writing/journaling, exploring and traveling, learning, making new divine connections, food medicine, and so much more. 

I am here to guide people back to home. Back to God, Source, Soul. Back to love and light. To guide them within. I am here to help all of life remember their innate state of peace, love, calm, and understanding. To facilitate their self-awakening into their truth, their power, wisdom and love. Teaching and guiding others into full Spiritual, Soul Awareness. I do this through sharing the tools I have used and still use myself.

I want to be here for people when the truth starts to be revealed. Reminding them that it is okay. That they are not alone. You can think of me as that extra support during the, sometimes intense, transition into fully embodying their highest, most organic self. Showing them how to maintain this clarity and discernment through their everyday life. Considering things like food, movement, and spiritual practices, while give Energy Work healing/ integration sessions, when necessary. Having Fearie energy myself, I always put an emphasis on embracing life as a gift.  Always dedicating time and energy to enjoying the little things. Connecting to Divine Mother/Father with present moment awareness. 

Another part of my mission is to aligning fellow soul mates within, to their highest self and purpose. Inspiring others to stand in their truth and embrace their unique Soul Mission, within God/Source’s Mission at large. Creating a chain reaction so that in return they can help others, themselves. Creating a divine circle of awakened warriors and healers. Forming a bond, a connection, a relationship with people on similar missions as me. Creating everlasting soul mate friendships, partnerships that allow for learning and growing with one another. To create a community of people devoted to God/Source’s Mission of awakening the masses, speaking our truth, healing, and saving the innocence that is humanity, Earth, and all of organic life. So that we may bring back true Earth, true humanity, true joy, balance, and wisdom…ruled by love.


Have you gone through a spiritual awakening just to be left feeling overwhelmed and maybe a bit alone? Do you need help finding balance again? Finding the light and love? Do you want to deepen your connection with Source, Divine Mother/Father, God, your Higher Self?  Are you looking to have fun, connect with your inner child and experience the joys of being in the physical realm, all while staying connected to Source? Then this session is meant for you. This is an intuitively lead session which uses a variety of activities that can help us connect with our guides within. Activities we may explore:

  • Centering, meditation, visualization, breathe work,

  • Creating present moment awareness, mindfulness, and living consciously. 

  • Connection to Divine Mother/Father,  Earth, Source, God

  • Movement/yoga: connecting with our bodies and the messages they have for us

  • Guidance into a spiritual practice, with an emphasis on: prayer, connection with God, Source, Divine Mother/Father, Higher Selves, and Guides

  • Getting clear on your Soul Mission, your purpose and building the confidence to share your gifts with the world

  • Gathering the tools that work for you: Prayer, meditation options, journaling, movement, affirmations, etc. 

  • Intuitive Spiritual Energy Work: with the goal of teaching you how to tap into your own healer within.

  • Play: dance, connecting with elementals (like angels and faeries), oracle cards, nature adventures, tapping into creative self expression, etc. 

  • Building your intuition and trust for what your body/Soul/Higher Self is telling you to do. 

  • Opening your heart in order to leading with love in all that you do

  • Conversations/exchanges of wisdom on topics like: food, water, spirituality, lifestyle choices, etc. 

  • A companion, someone who innerstands, a connection to a community of Souls on a similar Mission

How it works: We set a time to meet (in person or online). Our first session will most likely be out in nature, if possible, focusing on tuning into our guides within. From there we will let our sessions flow in whatever way we feel called toward. 

Going through a spiritual awakening can be intense. When the illusions that we live in start to fade and our sight becomes clear, it can be overwhelming. We see things others are not open to. We know things that can be difficult to be aware of. We may not know anyone who can relate to what we're experiencing. We may feel a strong urge to help somehow, but feel lost and confused. If you can relate to this, let me tell you, you are not alone. I have been there and I want to help you find balance again. I am here to guide you back to the love and light that is always within you. The key is awareness without fear.

I am always learning and growing. My life and what I offer is always changing. Therefore, my practice and this session will always be flowing with me. 

Free 30 minute consultation! 

45 min. / 60 min. / 90 min.

$65 / $80 / $111

Special Student Pricing: 60 min. / $20

Just show me your student ID!

Package Deals: 

4 sessions (10% off)  $234 / $288 / $400 

8 sessions (15% off) $442 / $544 / $755

12 sessions (20% off) $624 / $768 / $1066

Suggested use: One session every week or every other week...consistent connection is key to integration!


My goal is to get you to  a place where you do not need me anymore, except for on rare occasions when you may need a little extra love. ( Never be afraid to ask for help. Everything we need is within, but sometimes we need help finding may get lost or stuck..but it's always there and I am here to help you find it again.) I hope to form a bond, a connection with people on similar missions as me. To create a community of people devoted to saving humanity. Forming friendships, partnerships, learning and growing together.

Once on the organic timeline I will always encouraging others to step into their true purpose, weather thats speaking their truth, making all natural products, or becoming a healer. 

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