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The Key: a mentorship

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Self- love coach helping women to align with their souls. 

Self-love coaching for the "unlovable"

Have you experienced feelings of wothlessness, defeat, and a lack of passion for life?

Do you feel rejected by everyone around you?

HAve you tried to escape the pain through things like drugs, alchol, and sex?

You may feel unloveable and like a failur. MAybe even a crazy person.

Hav eyou been trying to "heal" and feel overwhelmed by all of the informationt hat is out there?

I work with those who have been diagnosed by western medicine with labels such as anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, and boarderline personality disorder

What did i do to find mysef?

I found God. I found purpose. I found passion. I followed my heart.

Subconcious reprogramming

Listening to my intution

Reiki - energy work


Akashic records


yoga - movement


CBT therapy

positive psychology

emotion regulation

subconcious reporgramming

chakra work

Connecting w/ my higher self, inner child, soul, divine mother/father, God, angels, guides.

What I offer:

Individual sessions $111 

Akashic Reading/self-love session/reiki

1:1 mentorship $555

Unlock your guide within using The Key: a mentorship

1 session / week for four weeks. 
Steps to making a change:

1. Release trauma/integration - movement, energy work, expression, dance, inner child work

2. Tools for triggers/new trauma - emotion regulation, meditation, journal, movement, expression

3. Rewrite and Reprogram the brain: Reconditioning therapy - work with the mind, change the stories, end cycles

4. Moving forward - building new habits, stepping into the present moment, following heart/intuition, connection w/ God

My goal in mentoring women is helping them tap into their own wisdom. Never telling you what to do, rather helping you to find it within. Find source + joy and follow it. find self-love and create the life of your dreams. Let go of stored trauma, emotions, storeis, and create new ones. Use emotions to follow joy. 

The key: Akashic records

Allows you to

Usisng the concious and subconcious mind

use energy, thought, word, emotion, physical body, to work together and unlock life.


Not teaching specific things to do, or what is wrong and right, but using the key to unlock the specific blueprint for the individual woman I am wokring with


The key will help them to discover their own truth and path. The key is broad and neutral and univerasl. the key is for anyone.

For: anyone who want to change their life ina poisitive, radical way. to discover the key. to invest in bliss. whos ready to make BIG shifts and changes. 

The Key - unlocking life. purpose joy, source, connection

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